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This section summarizes the recommended operational strategy for putting site analysis into practice.

The fundamental condition is always to buy minimums and sell maximums, the main operating cycle is the intermediate, also called T + 3, which usually has a quarterly or four-monthly duration, and within it work supports and resistances of the monthly or weekly sub-cycles in based on the price / time equilibrium points shown by the GET or volatility pivots.

The strategic plan, both upward and downward, envisages dividing the capital destined for the trade into at least 3 possibly incremental revenues and planning them on GET price / time levels when the cyclical time expressed by the seasonal is in favor , evaluating well not to carry out entrances too close together as a price.

Below is a very simplistic example of a planned strategy for bullish and bearish trading on the weekly phase.

fase GET.png

In order for the aforementioned seasonal to be understandable and replicable by anyone, the battleplan indicator is used to report the same start, duration and end parameters on the MT4, always without chasing and aligning the minimums at the start.

This phase is in turn divided into colored areas in which to prefer purchases and sales, with the addition of the battleplans of the individual daily (DL) for intraday operations.

On bottom DLs in green buy areas, purchases will be sought, on the contrary, on top DLs in red sell areas, sales will have to be favored: time rules everything and is the only fundamental thing to respect without ever going against it. Better to lose an opportunity than money!

fase MT4.png
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